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Christina Kurzthaler, PhD


Universität Innsbruckkurzthaler_christina
Institut für Theoretische Physik
Office: 2S03 ITP
Technikerstr. 21A
A-6020 Innsbruck
Mail: Christina.Kurzthaler[at]uibk.ac.at
Tel.: +43 512 507 52270

Research interests:

  • dynamics of self-propelled particles
  • elasticity of semiflexible polymers

Recent work:

Dynamics of self-propelled particles:

Locomotion by swimming is a crucial aspect to optimize survival strategies of microorganisms such as bacteria, unicellular protozoa, or spermatozoa. Recently, physicists have been able to build artificial self-propelled particles that mimic the motion of the microorganisms by converting some energy supply into directed motion, thereby producing entropy at a steady rate. These self-propelled particles are driven out of equilibrium and show interesting statistical properties, that differ significantly from those of their passive counterparts. We explore theoretically the statistical properties of a single self-propelled particle in terms of Langevin equations. The intermediate scattering function, that contains general spatiotemporal information about the stochastic process, for these microswimmers is analytically derived and tested against computer simulations. These findings can help to further understand phenomena arising at the collective level.



2017 PhD (Physics), Universität Innsbruck, Austria

2013 MSc (Mathematics in Bioscience), Technische Universität München, Germany

2011 BSc (Technical Mathematics), Universität Innsbruck, Austria


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